Dr. Mahmoud Samy

Training Operation Manager

Mahmoud Samy is an expert in banking industry with almost 40 years’ experience.

Last official position was the First Assistant General Manager at Samba Financial Group.

The prior position is the Head of Banking and Financial Studies Unit at The Institute of Banking (IOB), the training arm of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mahmoud started his career in training as a Faculty Member (Trainer) in Accounting, Finance, Credit, and many of banking related courses at the Institute of Banking (IOB-later renamed The Institute of Finance).

Mahmoud has a long experience in the field of banking and finance as he was Head of Credit and Marketing department at the Arab African International Bank, Egypt.

Mahmoud started his banking career at Riyad bank, Beraydah branch as a head of accounting department, in which he has 5 years’ experience with wide exposure for all banking activities.

Mahmoud also has sold experience in accounting field as he started his work experience in one of the largest Accounting Bureau in Cairo.

Mahmoud has a lot of academic degrees, at the top of which, PHD in economics.