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Everything about documentary credits         

This ten days’ course will explain to participants all the basics ICC. rules guiding documentary credits being  the uniform customs and practices for documentary credit publication # 600, the international standard banking practice publication #745, the related SWIFT messages used in documentary credits transactions.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

. Fully understand the UCP600

. Apply the ISBP 745 to documents examination different scenarios

. Practice all SWIFT category 7 messages related to documentary credits.

Course Outline:

. UCP 600 Application, Definitions, Interpretations Credits v. Contracts, Documents v. Goods, Services or Performances Availability of Credits by Payment, Deferred Payment, Acceptance and Negotiation Expiry Date and Place for Presentation Complying Presentation, Examination of Documents and notice of Refusal of Discrepant documents. Original Documents and Copies Liabilities and Responsibilities Trade Documents Transferable Credits and Assignment of Proceeds

. ISBP745 A General principles in documents examination. B How to examine Draft C How to examine Invoice D How to examine Multimodal transport document E How to examine Bill of lading F How to examine non-negotiable sea waybill G How to examine Charter party bill of lading H How to examine Air transport document J Road, rail or inland waterway transport document K How to examine Insurance document and coverage L How to examine Certificate of origin M How to examine Packing list N How to examine Weight list P How to examine Beneficiary’s certificate Q How to examine Analysis, inspection, health, phytosanitary, quantity, quality and other certificates

. SWIFT category 7 messages used in documentary credits transactions MT705 pre-advice of a documentary credit MT700 details of issuance of a documentary credit MT707 amendment to a documentary credit MT710 advice of a third party documentary credit MT720 transfer of a documentary credit MT730 acknowledgment MT732 advice of discharge MT734 advice of refusal MT740 reimbursement authorization MT742 reimbursement claim MT747 amendment to a reimbursement authorization MT750 advice of discrepancy MT752 authorization to pay , accept or negotiate MT754 advice of payment, acceptance or negotiation MT756 advice of reimbursement or payment The relation between MT202 & MT754

Target Audience:

. Trade specialists at the trade services dept.

10 Days


This course entitles you to attend:

.ICC Publication 785 Nov.2016

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will obtain:


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