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ICC Publication 785 Nov.2016         

  • Due to the ICC Banking commission decision not to issue or develop a new UCP, and that the UCP600 will still be the applicable rules for DC, the need for knowing the official opinions of the ICC Banking commission in respect of the disputes raised by banks to the ICC. Had been augmented.
  • Since 2012 the ICC Banking commission did not issue an official publication for the opinions stated above till Nov. 2016 when the Pub.785 has been issued containing more than 80 disputes resolution by the banking commission experts.
  • Accordingly publication 785 is considered one of the most important publication long waited by banks since 2012 till Nov.2016 as it resolved all disputes raised by banks till the Pub. Date.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

.• This high level course is intended to put all that participants had learned during their work experience in trade services dept. into a real problem solving situation, through discussing the latest ICC. Banking Commission Opinions on documentary credits disputes.

Course Outline:

.• The official latest ICC. Banking Commission opinions publication no.785 dated Nov.2016 containing the following approved opinions: R795 Amendment – accepted or rejected R830 Regular liner vessel R859 Flight/Date on an AWB R848 Tenor differs on the invoice R836 Signing of a CPBL R840 Insurance document not showing name of proxy R802 Partial shipment within units R844 Two languages in an LC

Target Audience:

.Documentary credit specialists.

3 Days


.Solid knowledge in documentary credit.

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