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Accounting / Finance For Future Leaders         

This course is designed to provide fresh graduate with solid Accounting and Finance background to be able to understand the business decisions and environment. The course will provide trainees with deep understanding of Accounting Principles, which affect the Financial Statements in addition to Finance concepts, and Financial Analysis techniques.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

.Objectives and principles of financial accounting

.Processing accounting information

.Understanding journal entries recording and Posting general ledgers

.Understanding the types of cost and the cost behavior

.Understanding the deference between Feasibility Study, Budget, and Financial Statements

.Understanding the components of Financial Statements

.Analyze Financial Statements using various analysis techniques

.Understanding the Statements of Cash-Flow and related analysis tools

.Preparing future cash flow

.Identify strengths and weaknesses that impact the firm’s cash flows, and

.Make recommendations with regards to a credit decision

.Understanding Finance methods and techniques, which are used to evaluate investment decisions and project valuation

Course Outline:

.Objectives and principles of financial accounting

.Processing accounting information

.Recording journal entries

.Posting general ledgers

.Preparing unadjusted trial balance

.Preparing adjusted trial balance

.Preparing income statement

.Preparing balance sheet

.Information required for financial analysis

.Tools of financial analysis: trend analysis, inter firm comparison• Ratio analysis: leverage, liquidity, profitability and performance ratios, Analysis of Return on Equity (ROE), Breakeven point and cost-volume-profit analysis, Working capital analysis

.Interpretation of financial reports

Target Audience:

.Fresh Graduate

10 Days



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