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Analyzing Bank Financial Statements And Rating Of Banks         

Economic globalization requires banks to take exposure to other
banking and financial institutions. Those working in trade finance,
correspondent banking, treasury and corporate lending are required
to analyze the bank financial statements, besides getting insight into
their risk management strategies and capital adequacy. Depending
solely on ratings by rating agencies may not be an adequate risk
mitigation strategy. Basle III has highlighted this aspect. Those
working in Finance Departments also analyze financial statements
of their own banks, as well as those of their competitors. The
proposed program would meet the requirements of the concerned

By the end of this course you will be able to:

.Learn various techniques of analyzing and interpreting bank financial Statements.

.Understand risk exposures, their management and capital adequacy.

.Evaluate economic, regulatory and market environment in which banks operate.

.Understand methodologies adopted by rating agencies and regulators for rating of banks.

Course Outline:

.Evaluating economic, regulatory and market environment.

.Bank financial statements – balance sheet, income statement, shareholders’ equity, cash flow statement.

.Analyzing bank financial statements: - Trend analysis - Inter-bank comparison - Ratio analysis

.Evaluating bank performance – breakdown of ROE and ROA

.Rating of banks .

.Banking risks and capital adequacy – international standards .

Target Audience:

.Those working in finance, correspondent banking, treasury, finance, corporate lending, risk management and internal audit.

.Those in charge of large branches and those from controlling offices will also find the program useful.

5 Days


.Working knowledge of English and familiarity with basic banking products and services. Preferably more than one year's experience of banking.

This course entitles you to attend:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will obtain:

.Training attendance certificate.


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