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Corporate Governance Best Practice         

By the end of this course you will be able to:

. Understand meaning of sound corporate governance

. Understand the role and responsibilities of related parties

. Understand the organization structure and the role of the various committees

.Apply best practice of corporate governance to your organization

. Understand why organization fails because of lack of corporate governance & Evaluate the effectiveness of corporate governance in your organization

Course Outline:

.الإطار التنظيمي للحوكمة Governance Framework

.المعايير الدولية للحوكمةInternational Governance Principles

.المنهج التنظيمي للحوكمةCorporate Governance Framework

.المكونات الأساسية للحوكمة Basic Corporate Governance component

.إختصاصات و مسؤولية رئيس و أعضاء مجلس الإدارة Role and Responsibility of the Chairman

.لجنة المراجعة صلاحياتها و مسؤولياته Board Committees Role and Responsibility

.سياسات الحوكمة Governance Policy

.سياسة الإفصاح والشفافية Disclosure and Transparency policy

.طبيق حوكمة المنشأةImplementation f Corporate Governance

Target Audience:

. Corporate Managers

. Board Members and Board secretaries

. Owners and managers of small and Medium institutions

. Risk and compliance managers

5 Days


. At least 12 months experience in corporate governance, compliance and risk

This course entitles you to attend:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will obtain:

.Certificate of Attendance


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