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To help employees in the financial & non-financial institution to recognize and deal with real-world issues through the compliance training. The Course cover topics such as Definition of Compliance, Implementation of corporate compliance, Anti-money laundering.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

.Ensure that trainees are aware of their compliance responsibilities

.Mitigate the risk of compliance breaches

.Encourage a better workplace compliance culture

.Remove legal liability from the organization in the event of wrongdoing

.Protect the organization's reputation

Course Outline:

.The Structure of the Saudi Financial Services Industry

.The Requirements of Saudi Financial Services Regulation

.The Principles and Implications of Islamic Law

.Principles and Impacts of Compliance

.Principles of Fraud and its impact

.Code of Conduct Requirements

.The Role of Regulators

.Principles of Financial Crime and its Prevention

Target Audience:

.For those working in financial sector

3 Days


.Requires working Experience: Compliance Years of Experience: One year

This course entitles you to attend:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will obtain:

.Training Attendance Certificate .