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Cash flow Preparation & analysis         

Using the matching principle as accounting standard causes the disappear of the flow of cash 

This five days’ course will provide the participants with the methods allowing them prepare and analyze the cash flow statements

By the end of this course you will be able to:

.Prepare and analyze cash flow statements

.Analyze sources and utilization of cash flows

.Project cash flows

.Assess borrower's ability to generate cash and service loans

Course Outline:

.Components of the historical cash flow statements.

.Preparation of cash flow statement (Direct and indirect) method.

.Analysis of cash flow statement and interpretation of cash flow related ratios.

.Preparation and evaluation of projected cash flow budgets

Target Audience:

.Credit officers, credit analysts, credit analysts, corporate relationship manager

.Any one need to learn about cash flow

5 Days


.Good command of financial accounting, or previously attended: Financial Accounting 1, and Financial Accounting 2 or equivalent.

.Fluency in English for English course

This course entitles you to attend:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will obtain:

.Certificate of Attendance


Course Schedule :