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International trade fundamentals         

By the end of this course you will be able to:

.• Professionally advise their corporate customers to use the most suitable method of payment which suite best their trade deals.

.• Fully understand the international rules governing the sales contracts.

.• Fully understand the international rules governing method of payments used in international trade.

Course Outline:

.international trade introduction - Problems related to international trade - Role of the bank towards those problems - Incoterms2010 - Method of payment - Commercial & financial documents

.Collections (URC522) • How collection work • The parties of collection • Responsibilities of the bank • The collection order • Amendment and withdrawals

.Letters of credit (UCP600) • How letter of credit works • Parties of a letter of credit • Types of letter of credit • Responsibilities of the banks • Payment under a D/C • Practical examples in issuance , checking documents and handling discrepancies • Reimbursement(UR725) • Special types of letters of credit

Target Audience:

.Banks and corporates employees working in: trade services, corporate banking, business development and marketing depts.

5 Days


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