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Risk Based Internal Auditing Virtul Online Training         

In the challenging environment of increasing competition and
enhanced regulation, financial institutions are seeking an approach
to internal audit that goes beyond reviewing past activities. They
expect internal audit to be insightful, forward looking and creating
value for the organization. The proposed online training program will
provide comprehensive insight into transformation challenges in
embedding a risk-based culture across each stage of internal audit/
inspection. It will also give the participants a firsthand feel of
implementing Risk Based Internal Auditing (RBIA). The program will
also provide overview of audit ratings aligned to bank’s tactical and
strategic plans.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

.Gain practical insights into successful implementation of RBIA

.Face transformation challenges in embedding risk based audit culture

.Meet changing expectations of stake holders including the regulators

Course Outline:

.Overview of risk management in banks – credit, market, operational risks

.Overview of Basle II & III

.Bank’s strategy and rolling/forward looking audit plans

.Stakeholders’ awareness and alignment – a critical building block

.Defining audit universe and entity risk assessments

.Conducting risk-based audits and communicating findings

.Risk based audit reporting

.Basle II/III – role and expectations from Internal Audit

.Approach to audit ratings and scorecard KPIs

.Audit of risk management functions – credit, market, operations risks

.Audit issues tracking – an integrated approach to risk mitigation

.Root cause analysis and risk database

.Agile auditing

Target Audience:

.Those working in Inspection and Audit department of the banks.

.Those working in Risk Management.

4 Days


.Working knowledge of English and familiarity with basic banking products and services. Preferably more than one year's experience of banking.

This course entitles you to attend:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will obtain:

.Training attendance certificate.


Course Schedule :