Picture for category Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).         

By the end of this course you will be able to:

.Understanding Risk Management…

.Risk Management vs Enterprise Risk Management (ERM.

.Risk Appetite, Assessment and Measurement

. Develop Risk Control & Risk Mitigation Techniques

Course Outline:

.ERM is a risk management methodology that ensures good organization governance

. The process starts at the board level once it approves the risk appetite and the strategy of the organization.

.identify, Assess, measure and control the risks that are facing your organization and develop the required controls to mitigate those risks.

Target Audience:

. Managers Department Heads

. Risk Managers

. Corporate Strategy Managers

. CRO, CFO and CEO

4 Days


.At least 12 months experience in Risk or risk related activities

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Upon successful completion of this course, participants will obtain:

.Certificate of Attendance


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