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This course is designed for trade specialists (with solid back ground about international trade rules and regulations) working in banks, financial institutions and mega Corporates, to explain to them how criminals use international trade tools and trade finance in money laundering and train them on how to detect and prevent such criminal activities. 

By the end of this course you will be able to:

.• Introduce the TBML to trade specialists, and clarify the misuse of trade finance and also the misuse of trade services products by criminals to launder illicit funds.

.• Identify the red flags that should trigger the attention of trade finance and trade services specialists in respect of TBML.

Course Outline:

.• Introduction: - Definitions - ML from the two traditional methods to the TBML - Free trade regime Vs. Regulation of Trade

.• basic techniques of trade-based money laundering

.• Distinguishing features of the dynamic environment for TBML

.• Main areas to be focused by Authorities to increase effectiveness in combating TBML

.• Money Laundering Vulnerabilities of Free Trade Zones

.• The Wolfsberg Group

.• Proliferation financing

.• FATF's Trade-Based Money Laundering "Red Flag" Indicators - Red flags relating to financial & banking products - Red flags with regard to jurisdictions - Red flags with regard to goods - Red flags with regard to corporate structures

.• case studies

Target Audience:

.trade finance specialists working in banks, corporates government agencies.

2 Days


.basic knowledge about trade services and trade finance products (documentary collections, documentary credits).

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